How romantic can you get? We guarantee you and your partner the ultimate romantic destination in Denpasar, Indonesia: a romantic sunset, a four poster bed and an hotel spa. The rest you have to take of yourself :). Whether you are looking for the ultimate honeymoon or simply enjoy watching the perfect sunset on that tropical island, sipping cocktails while watching nature's most breathtaking views, we have the ultimate list for you. These hotels offer the ultimate romantic holiday. You'll have a guaranteed sunset, enjoy a little drink in the outdoor bath after that, and sleep in a canopy bed to top it all. You know, that huge canopy bed that gives you the feeling you live and sleep like a king and makes you want to stay in bed all day. Well, not all day as i'm sure you and your love enjoy bathing in nature and showering under the sun as well. Imagine your romantic getaway has an hotel spa with a bathtub, whirlpool, bubble bath or shower for two right outside your bedroom. From your canopy bed you step directly in a garden with tubs and sinks surrounded by bamboo, flowers and trees...These tropical hotel sites in Denpasar, Indonesia will get you in a romantic mood immediately. Before you know it you'll be writing a poem!

#1 Inna Bali Heritage Hotel
Indonesia, Denpasar, from US$ 22.31
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#2 Puri Maharani Boutique Hotel And Spa
Indonesia, Denpasar, from US$ 26.03
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#4 POP! Hotel Teuku Umar
Indonesia, Denpasar, from US$ 19.18
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#5 The Yani Hotel Bali
Indonesia, Denpasar, from US$ 18.40
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#7 Alam Puri Art Museum Resort & Spa
Indonesia, Denpasar, from US$ 53.54
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#10 Hotel Puri Ayu
Indonesia, Denpasar, from US$ 37.18
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