If you have kids then you know that finding the perfect place for your whole family to enjoy the holidays is a time consuming challenge. Do your kids need an indoor or outdoor playground? A kids-club? Or even beds in the shape of there favourite cartoon characters? Here you have the top 10 places to have fun with family and kids in Kuta, Indonesia. Prepare yourself for some serious fun with the family. Enjoy being pampered in a child-friendly hotel while your kids take care of themselvers. No need to pack your already overstuffed luggage with too much toys!

#1 Mercure Kuta Bali
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 71.50
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#2 The Sandi Phala Beach Resort and Ma Joly Restaurant
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 126.59
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#3 Wina Holiday Villa Kuta Bali
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 37.30
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#4 Rama Beach Resort and Villas
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 77.87
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#5 The Vira Bali Hotel
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 62.35
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#10 Bali Garden Beach Resort
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 84.47
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