Whether you are looking for the ultimate honeymoon or simply enjoy watching the perfect sunset, sipping cocktails while watching nature's most breathtaking views, we have the ultimate list of sunset beaches in Kuta, Indonesia for you. Every month we update our visitors' most popular romantic diner at the beach based on their ranking on Yellowroom. Feel like writing a poem? Looking to linger in illustrious landscapes? Or are we getting romantic? Come back regularly for our list of places with the most beautiful sunsets in Kuta, Indonesia ever!

#1 The Sandi Phala Beach Resort and Ma Joly Restaurant
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 126.59
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#2 Rama Beach Resort and Villas
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 77.87
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#3 Bali Garden Beach Resort
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 84.47
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#5 The Vira Bali Hotel
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 62.35
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#6 Wina Holiday Villa Kuta Bali
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 37.30
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#10 Mercure Kuta Bali
Indonesia, Kuta, from US$ 71.50
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Check all our Sunset beaches and who knows what will happen to you on one of these amazing places :). Keep calm and travel!