Ah, that feeling of sleeping in nature! Sleeping in the forest or jungle, the scent of nature, listening to nocturnal animals, waking up to the sound of tropical birds and watching those typical forest or jungle creatures going about there business. Would you prefer a tree hut or a luxury villa with a infinity pool? Does it matter when your'e in the wilds, enjoying mother nature? Here's a list that will put you in the middle of those green forests or jungle in Beijing, China.

#1 Templeside Deluxe Hutong Hotel Beijing
China, Beijing, from US$ 52.62
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#3 Traders Hotel Beijing By Shangri-La
China, Beijing, from US$ 73.42
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#7 Rosedale Hotel & Suites Beijing
China, Beijing, from US$ 50.10
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#9 Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center
China, Beijing, from US$ 74.86
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#10 Beijing Ping An Fu Hotel
China, Beijing, from US$ 24.91
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Check all our Jungle adventure and who knows what will happen to you on one of these amazing places :). Keep calm and travel!