Bathing in nature, showering under the sun, enjoying the outdoors while you linger in your bath. Imagine your romantic getaway has a hotel spa with a bathtub, whirlpool, bubble bath or shower for two right outside your bedroom. From your canopy bed you step directly in a garden with tubs and sinks surrounded by bamboo, flowers and trees... If this does not make you want to book your holiday right away then I don't know what will! Here's a list of the most amzing hotel spa in Pai, Thailand.

#1 Baantawan Guesthouse Pai
Thailand, Pai, from US$ 45.05
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#5 The Quinlins
Thailand, Pai, from US$ 38.93
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#8 Pai Hotsprings Spa Resort
Thailand, Pai, from US$ 44.49
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#10 PaiCome HideAway Resort
Thailand, Pai, from US$ 40.52
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