Senggigi, Lombok Indonesia is situated on the west of the Island of Lombok in the provence West Nusa Tenggara. Senggigi is the most important touristic area of Lombok and the gateway to the popular "young travelers destination" Gili Islands!

Relaxing on Senggigi tropical beach brings you in your ultimate holiday mood. Lombok weather is always sunny and around 32/33 degrees the whole year. Learn some Indonesian words while you are drinking your Martini cocktail like "pantai Senggigi Lombok" beach Senggigi Lombok or "Hotel di lombok dekat pantai"

Hotels in lombok near the beach! Enough of Sengiggi! Visit one of the other stunning beaches of Lombok, Kuta Lombok. A Lombok beach never to forget. How to get on Lombok? Fast way to to Lombok is to fly to Lombok airport from Bali and takes you around 20 minutes.

More hotels di Sengiggi like Sheraton Sengiggi take a look below for the selection we made for you! Have a nice stay.

#1 Pool Villa Club Lombok
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 188.98
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#2 The Santosa Villas & Resort Lombok
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 66.37
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#3 Dream Estate Resort
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 50.49
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#6 Holiday Resort Lombok
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 75.85
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#7 Puri Saron Hotel Senggigi
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 39.87
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#9 Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 87.00
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#10 Jayakarta Hotel Lombok
Indonesia, Senggigi, from US$ 41.94
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