Sanur, Bali Indonesia a former fishing village was one of the first hotel and beachfront retreats in Bali. It still has its old relaxed coastal ambiance. Mainly because local government restricted to build higher than a palm tree. So no high building resorts like in neighboring Kuta beach.

Best Bali beach Sanur to visit is near the Puri, also a little further up to the north near Warung kami Sami! Plenty of Sanur beach clubs. Best restaurant in Sanur is Lilla Pantai and they serve the best local dishes of Bali! Top location to stay for a night is Bali Hyatt Sanur.

Looking for the more Bali bungalows and Sanur beach accommodation, take a look at the selection we made for you. Have a nice stay in Sanur, Bali! 

#2 Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 58.19
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#3 Harrads Hotel and Convention
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 33.09
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#4 Inna Sindhu Beach, Hotel Resort & Meeting
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 56.88
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#5 Segara Village Hotel
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 118.73
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#6 Mercure Resort Sanur
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 65.79
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#7 Mentari Sanur Hotel
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 36.77
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#8 Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 63.61
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#10 Parigata Resorts and Spa
Indonesia, Sanur, from US$ 68.87
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