The last undiscovered beautiful Island of Thailand, Ko Phayam. You have plans to visit Thailand and experience the tropical sunset on the beach of Ko Phayam? Book you ticket and hotel in Ko Phayam now and get in the mood for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Koh Phayam has the most beautiful beaches, bungalows, hotels and bamboo bungalows of Thailand. White beaches you only can imagine in your dreams. Why not make it reality and take a look at the reviews of other people who visited Koh Phayam. How to get in Koh Phayam? Ko Phayam is usually accessed from Ko Phayam Pier in Ranong town on the mainland. The boat trip takes about 2 hours and cost you around 200 Baht.

What to do in Koh Phayam? After a long day relaxing at the best beaches of Koh Phayam the activities you can do on Koh Phayam are divers. There are great snorkeling and diving sites dotted around Koh Phayam. Romantic long walks along the best beaches of Thailand or experience the vibrant night life of Koh Phayam.

#1 The Blue Sky Resort @ Koh Payam
Thailand, Ko Phayam, from US$ 66.74
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#2 Rabbit Bungalow
Thailand, Ko Phayam, from US$ 13.90
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