Ko Mak is one of the last unspoiled Islands of Thailand and somehow a few tourist travel to this beautiful Thai Island for experiencing some lazy days at Koh Mak Island. Koh Mak is situated in the eastern gulf of Thailand close to the Cambodian border. It is the 3rd biggest island in that area after Koh Chang and Koh Kood.

If your are looking for jet ski's, bars in Koh Mak or red light district entertainment like Koh Samui your are on the wrong place. The Island is privately owned by a few Thai families and they do not allow this kind of activities on the Island. The families strives a sustainable way by following the ideals of ecotourism. Not to worry if your are a party animal and looking for fun activities. Time to relax now. Koh Mak Thailand has the most stunning beaches of Thailand to walk around for hours. Eco day trip like the best eco cooking school of Thailand! Creating your own Thai dishes.

The best cheap island huts, hotel and hostel accommodation you can find on Koh Mak? Take a look at the selection we made for your below.

#1 Ao Pong Resort
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 25.03
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#3 Plub Pla Koh Mak Retreat
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 88.99
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#5 Little Moon Villa
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 61.18
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#6 Baan Koh Mak
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 51.45
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#7 The Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 80.65
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#8 Koh Mak Ao Kao White Sand Beach
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 83.15
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#10 Bamboo Hideaway Resort
Thailand, Ko Mak, from US$ 27.81
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