Watching Gili Meno from above, sipping a cocktail from our balcony or bedroom while looking down on the hustle and bustle in the city center or enjoying the city skyline. Or are you more the relaxing type, looking for a quite place to relax in that infinity pool and still have that marvelous view? Or are you looking for a party, sipping cocktaisl at the rooftop bar? Well, we want it all! After a full day strolling through the city searching for that special little coffee shop or museum, shopping for designer clothes and then looking to lunch in that hidden gem of a restaurant that your friends advised you, pfff... you might want to take a break before you go out for diner at sundown. Or maybe watch the sunset over the city first, from the heart of the city! Whatever your pleasure, for the most breathtaking and unrestricted city views from above, check out this list of hotels with the most amazing hotels with pools with rooftop bars in the world. On these roofs you can overlook some of the most beautiful skylines in Gili Meno, Indonesia while doing some serious undisturbed lounging.

#1 Casablanca Hotel and Restaurant
Indonesia, Gili Meno, from US$ 14.87
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#2 Meno Dream Resort
Indonesia, Gili Meno, from
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#3 Kebun Kupu Kupu Gili Meno Eco Resort
Indonesia, Gili Meno, from US$ 73.89
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#4 Rose Bungalow
Indonesia, Gili Meno, from US$ 20.42
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