What if you want to take your kids or family to a white sandy beach in Nai Yang Beach, Thailand? Of course you're looking for that ultimate beachlife with view on a white sandy beach and maybe rent a boats, jet skis, kayaks or do other beach water sports. Make sure yuor children have a great time too in these hotels and resorts that combine the bests of both worlds! Do your kids need an indoor or outdoor playground? A kids-club? Or even beds in the shape of there favourite cartoon characters? Enjoy being pampered in a child-friendly hotel while your kids take care of themselvers. No need to pack your already overstuffed luggage with too much toys. Prepare yourself for some serious fun with the family while you relax, enjoy watching the perfect sunset and sip on a cocktail. Here is the ultimate list of the most relaxing beach hotels in Nai Yang Beach, Thailand that are perfect for families with kids.

#1 Sunflower House Naiyang Beach Phuket
Thailand, Nai Yang Beach, from US$ 33.37
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#2 Naiyang Sea View Place
Thailand, Nai Yang Beach, from US$ 69.52
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#3 Pensiri House
Thailand, Nai Yang Beach, from US$ 24.75
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#4 The Golddigger's Resort
Thailand, Nai Yang Beach, from US$ 57.56
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