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About Us

There's got to be a faster way to find the perfect hotel!

The challenge

What if I want a yellow hotel room in the middle of New York City? Impossible to find unless you take months to look at every single hotel. To be honest, we were looking for a view on the beach, but you get the point.

This really bothered the founders of Yellowroom, Marcel and Marc. They wanted to be able to search for a visual experience: a yellow room, a rooftop pool or a huge suite. And just like that the idea was born: "search by image".

The team

The next question was how?, so we went looking for some really smart people and found them at the University of Amsterdam. Did you know they are one of the world's leading computer vision and machine learning labs?

They took our ideas even further, connecting multimedia interpretation to our concepts, and here we are: a joint project with the Data Science department from University of Amsterdam and feeling proud.

The solution: Artificial Intelligence

With high end Artificial Intelligence we trained a supercomputer to recognize what is actually happening in hotel and travel pics. Not only what the room has to offer but also other "assets" of the hotel. We call them "experiences": The rooftop bar, the pool, the dining, what's there for kids, and so many other things. We started with 13 of those experiences. But a lot more are already in the making like "infinity pool" or "luxurious bath". Exactly those experiences what you want to enjoy on your next trip.

And the best thing of all? It's all based on objective data. So no more hotel owners trying to sell you boring rooms for your romantic getaway, or cramped up cots with blind walls for spacious rooms with an amazing city view.

Find out more about the technology here.

So now, you've guessed it, you can find yourself a yellow hotel room anywhere. How great is that?

Of course there's more. We just started and we will continuously improve this service. So if you have any ideas for improvement of this project don't hesitate to contact Marcel or Marc

Stay tuned.